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The homeland of Quang Trung, let’s come to see
Land of martial arts, Bình Định, and heroes of Tây Sơn, there must be
Except Vĩnh Thạnh, where can you find a village of arts, really?

 - As a disabled student, wanting to contribute my talents to society, when I graduated from the University of Quy Nhơn, I was filled with dreams. Sadly, all applications for jobs I sent out were not answered. I realized that I was abandoned by the society.

- Hopeless, I returned to my hometown, Vĩnh Thạnh, a District in western Bình Định Province, where there were laborious, lovable, and patient people. I merged myself into the labor life of the countryside, searching for a job to survive. As a result, I understood difficulties of artisans. It took lots of efforts, energies and techniques for a product to reach the hands of users; it was not a simple process at all. How many users understood this?

- From this question, an idea from a Vietnamese saying: “Home-grown plants and leaves,” meaning, “Use what you have” sparked within me. Vĩnh Thạnh has contained beautiful sceneries, traditional arts, and many historical sites in the martial-arts land of Tây Sơn. Were these not worthy enough to be introduced to tourists?

From that idea, Tây Sơn Travel Ltd Company officially came into existence with the collaboration of disabled members. With the slogan: “Going for Society, Searching for one’s Roots,” our Company would like to take tourists to the sites to search for and appreciate the uniqueness of the Vietnamese culture and traditions.

- Surely you will be pleased to see with your own eyes, e.g., the Museum of Emperor Quang Trung, the well of three Tây Sơn Brothers, Hô Cavern, etc.

- Surely you will be pleased not only relishing stem wine [wine drunk out of a jar through bamboo pipes] and rice paper, purchasing weaving bamboo products and brocade, but also eye-witnessing how to make them. You will ride a bicycle with us to the places of production: Stem wine [Wine drunk out of a jar through bamboo pipes
Rice paper
Weaving bamboo products